Industry Hospital & Health Care
Job Title Near Patient Nurse
Company's Business international healthcare, medical assistance, security services, duty of care, travel, security, medical, risk, mobility, crisis, assistance, health, outsource, care, pandemic, evacuation, safety, expats, and concierge
Working Locations Okinawa/Misawa/Kanto(Yokota, Atsugi, Zama, Yokosuka)/Sasebo/Iwakuni
Work from home based, visiting the medical facilities when required
Salary Open

Job Description

Our Clients

The client is in the hospital and healthcare industry who specializes in innovative technology and medical expertise to focus on prevention, offering real-time, actionable insights and on-the-ground quality delivery.


Medical Responsibilities

  • Provide comprehensive In-patient clinical case management for a Beneficiary. Completing status reports upon admission and according to contractual requirements or acuity whilst the patient remains admitted to the provider. These reports must be reported in American-English, clinically detailed and accurate.
  • In the pursuit of medical updates, the Near Patient Nurse may visit the provider, or assist with calling providers or treating doctors for medical information for geographically remote cases as required.
  • Additionally, be prepared to liaise with PCSPs and beneficiaries, to obtain detailed clinical information including past medical history to allow for accurate on-going case management.
  • Where the Near Patient Nurse feels care is suboptimal, not necessary, or potentially harmful to the beneficiary the Near Patient Nurse must escalate such matters to the Near Patient-Physician Lead, Near Patient Regional Medical Director for discussion.
  • Upon discharge, support when required with the Near Patient Medical Collection Team to obtain the discharge summary and hospital records from the provider, ensuring that the medical information correlates with the information obtained during admission and update the medical records accordingly.
  • Provide when feasible on-site beneficiary support services such as ad hoc language support and chaperone services when visiting health care providers.
  • Establish and maintain the relationships with providers; leveraging these relationships for clinical quality assurance and oversight
  • Assist with translation and triage of medical reports where necessary.
  • Support Near Patient Quality Assurance Leads as requested such as obtaining medical records as required
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings, internal and external educational offerings, in order to maintain professional development requirements.

Medical Network Liaison and Quality Assurance Responsibilities

  • Build positive and effective relationships with local network providers (medical and administrative representatives), and with local TRICARE Point of Contacts and members of US Health Units.
  • Working with the in-country Near Patient-Physician Lead as a point of integration/coordination and continuity for the rotationally aligned forces with host nation providers
  • When requiring plan, execute and write up site audits, obtaining provider credentials in order to assess and document provider scope, safety and quality of service.
  • Support the planning of trips with relevant internal and external stakeholders, to support on-site provider visits and evaluations.
  • Undertake evidenced accurate assessments and review of providers including the scope of medical capabilities, the safety and quality of care provided by these providers.

Customer Care and Networking

  • Be accessible and responsive to TRICARE beneficiaries, clients and colleagues questions, concerns and requests for information.
  • Build positive and effective relationships with local network providers (medical and administrative representatives), with local TRICARE Point of Contacts and members of US Health Units, with other internal and external customers and suppliers and ensure continuity of service delivery by providing general customer services to the Organization’s client.
  • Deal positively with complaints, resolving these wherever possible on a timely basis, and/or referring them to the appropriate department or Quality Manager.
  • Identify areas where training can improve overall productivity.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Maintain confidentiality of all patient and/or client information.
  • Maintain accurate records including statistical information and client reports using the computer system made available by the organization.
  • Available to assist or participate in other projects or tasks where necessary
  • Be able to attend a regional TOP Center for training, including promoting communication with operations/medical/GAN staff to support the delivery of a seamless service and to ensure embedding of the company's values and ethos.

Job Requirements

Academic/Vocational Qualifications

  • Registered General Nurse or equivalent with minimum 3 years of experience with registration to practice in country of work
  • Recognized qualification to minimum diploma level or equivalence in practice demonstrated through portfolio/CV
  • A demonstrable commitment to professional development
  • Able to communicate in own language and proficiently in English


  • Experience of working in accordance with a Code of Professional Conduct (knowledge of confidentiality etc.)
  • Experience of Microsoft Office software
  • Broad professional
  • Experience of dealing with the public/patients/other health professionals
  • Experience of multidisciplinary team working in the approach to care Management
  • Understands the medical culture and organization in Host Nation Country.


  • Experience of working in a complex organization
  • Experience across a range of in-hospital clinical experience
  • Clinical experience and ability to audit healthcare providers in different environments and countries


  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Computer literate
  • Writes medical English clearly, succinctly, and correctly
  • Knowledge and understanding of trends in health care quality assurance
  • Assess and develop risk management protocols
  • Implement quality assurance and quality audit
  • Able to travel at short notice nationally and internationally


  • Experience of working with new technologies in health care practice and of clinical coding ICD 10 and when required procedure codes
  • Active and unrestricted driver’s license


  • An understanding, acceptance, and adherence to the need for strict confidentiality
  • Ability to use own judgment, resourcefulness, and common sense and to use own initiative
  • Ability to work without direct supervision and determine own workload priorities within a context of a governed system
  • Ability to work as part of an integrated multi-skilled team
  • Pleasant and articulate
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Able to work in a changing environment
  • Understands and adheres to Customer expectations and results

Travel / Rotation Requirements 

  • Travel as required regionally for interactions with the beneficiaries and PCSPs
Industry: Healthcare
Job Category: Others
Salary: Open
Job Type: Perm
Job Location: Okinawa/Misawa/Kanto(Yokota Zama

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