The hiring company combines validated science with cutting-edge technology to help our participants manage and improve their memory health. Through the use of eye-tracking technology, we assess recognition memory and hippocampal impairment that can predict someone’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. We also deliver a memory health program to help those at risk for Alzheimer’s maintain and even improve their cognitive function. Through a combination of exercise, diet, sleep, stress management, cognitive engagement and social interaction, our users develop personalized goals and make small adjustments to their health that lead to large changes over time. This position reports to the company’s Vice President of Clinical Development.

About you
This role is for you if… you genuinely care about helping others, are passionate about health and wellness on an international level, and want the excitement of working with a vibrant Silicon Valley health tech company. Every day, you will help people make health decisions that can change their lives. By utilizing our advanced technology, you will be able to reach out and touch the lives of more people than ever before.

You will succeed  if you are agile, flexible, and excited about change. Health Coaches in this role are responsible for 1) learning and delivering the company’s cognitive health program, 2) supporting their participants and answering health/behavior- related questions, 3) contributing to the development and evolution of the memory health program, and 4) helping the company work through other Japanese-related translation needs.

Job Descriptions

  • Assisting our Japanese users through complex health-related questions
  • Provide individual support for participants to foster understanding and engagement in Neurotrack’s memory health program
  • Provide exceptional follow up through timely response to participant questions, concerns and motivational needs
  • Learn and understand Neurotrack program content intimately so program delivery can be structured and standardized based on company guidelines
  • Develop insights to help iterate and improve the memory health program
  • Learn HIPAA process and maintain standards along with appropriate scope of practice


  • Have a college degree in a health related field
  • Can fluently speak the Japanese languages
  • Are comfortable with change and can think quickly on your feet
  • Have the ability to come into Neurotrack office or have a quiet, designated home workspace free of distractions to ensure quality
  • Have exceptional communication skills, including: written, spoken, and on camera presentation
  • Have analytical / problem-solving skills
  • Are comfortable working with technology, virtual classrooms and various software programs
  • Are excellent with typing, multitasking and customer service skills
  • Can manage multiple projects / assignments and competing priorities

Bonuses if you have:

  • The ability to speak in the English language
  • A Master’s Degree in a health related field
  • Health & Wellness Nutritional, Fitness, or Coaching Experience
  • Health & Wellness, Nutritional, Fitness or Coaching Certifications
  • Experience with Cognitive health or Behavior Change
Salary: JPY 4M to JPY 5M
Job Type: Contract
Sorry! This job has expired.