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EPS assists in recruiting international professionals across all the industries in Japan. With our experienced recruitment consultants, we ensure to provide quality recruitment services. 

EPS assists in recruiting executives in Japan. By using our talent database and connections, we cover from C-level, Vice-President, Country Manager, Director General Manager to other Managerial levels.

EPS assists in recruiting contract employee who will work for your organization for a specific period of time. The period of contract differs based on our client’s recruitment needs, and it can be up to a few years. 

EPS assists in recruiting suitable professionals in a remote work arrangement. We source potential candidates not only from Japan, but also from Southeast Asia.

About EPS Japan

EPS Japan (EPS Consultants LLC) is a trusted recruitment agency in Japan and a part of EPS Group that has been operating recruitment and contract staffing services over decades in the Southeast Asia. 

EPS group provides recruitment services regionally with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Japan – leverage on our network of trained recruitment consultants.  

At EPS, we believe in expressing our values through the quality of our recruitment support. Our personalized service is developed from our experience working in the industry and we seek to engage with you on a more personal level. Whether you are a business partner or a job-seeker, you can rest assured that we will provide a comprehensive and flexible recruitment solution for you.

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