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At EPS,  we mainly handle jobs from foreign companies as we want to support talented candidates who can use their skills in a multinational environment.

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We will provide you with job opportunities that match your background and skills.

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Why Choose EPS To Help You Look For Jobs

EPS is well-known for its global mindset. Our theme, “Global Talent x Global Companies” allows us to recruit bilingual professionals for global companies in both Japan and overseas.

EPS Specialises In Bilingual Jobs

With 25 years of experience in building trusted relationships with global companies (mainly in Southeast Asia), we have a strong network with mainly foreign companies.

Directly Connecting You To Hiring Managers

When you apply for a job, our consultants communicate your strengths and accomplishments to the hiring manager. This will increase your chances of passing the screening process.

Detailed Interview Preparation Support

We provide you with helpful interview tips using information obtained from past selections. Not only that, but our bilingual consultants also provide further support such as mock interviews and advising English speaking skills. We want to ensure that you feel prepared for your interview.

EPS Organises Interviews And Negotiates Terms And Conditions On Your Behalf

Because we want you to have a stress-free job search experience, EPS will coordinate various aspects such as negotiating salary and other conditions on your behalf.

Job Search Process


Register Your Resume

Please register your resume using the form. Our consultants will carefully review your resume.


Initial Meeting

We want to listen to your career aspirations and introduce exciting job opportunities that
match your experiences.


Application Preparation

Our consultants will check your resume for any deficiencies or information that needs to be added to attract employers.


Introducing You To Companies

Based on the information we obtained about you from the initial meeting, our consultants will prepare a brief profile and directly introduce you to the hiring manager.



We will support you throughout the interview process by scheduling interview dates and sharing helpful interview tips.


Job offer

Our consultants will advise you on salary
negotiations, start date adjustments, and smooth transfer from your current employment to your next.