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Recruitment Market in the Logistics/SCM industries

The importance of logistics has been increasing drastically in today's society due to the large volume of world trade caused by globalization and the rise of the e-commerce industry. There are also a growing need for 3PL and an active movement of Japanese manufacturers to review the supply chain line and to return their manufacturing bases to Japan.

In addition to this growing demand from society as a whole, the logistics industry is faced with a chronic shortage of labour, making it an urgent need to secure sufficient manpower. EPS Japan assists our clients in sourcing international professionals who can respond to changing trends in the international logistics industry and can contribute to the development of your company's business.

Why EPS as a Logistics Recruitment Agency?

Global Professionals (Multilingual Professionals)

EPS has a large database of global professionals (domestic and international), which is a pool of talents who utilize their language abilities in their work. Being able to use multi-languages is also one of the important abilities in the international logistics field, and together with our expertise in the logistics industry, EPS assists many international logistics service providers and logistics divisions of our clients.

Foreign talents

Japan currently faces a labour shortage due to the shrinking domestic population, and companies, including the logistics sector, are making moves to hire more foreign talents to retain their workforce. As a global recruitment firm, EPS is able to assist our clients in sourcing foreign talents with experience in logistics operations.

Staff with expertise in the logistics industry

EPS has a team of recruiters who specialize in and have a deep understanding of the logistics industry and its operations. In addition, we understand your current challenges through an initial meeting and provide you with the most suitable personnel and recruitment advisory.

Recruitment of staff for overseas offices

With our regional operations in Asia, EPS is able to provide comprehensive recruitment solutions to companies that have hiring needs for their overseas offices. With our strong network and candidate database built over 25 years, we provide our clients with regional recruitment solutions in Asia.

Logistics roles that EPS actively support

Operation Roles

  • Customer Brokerage Specialist
  • Shipping Coordinator
  • SCM Planner
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Control
  • Warehouse Operation Supervisor
  • Warehouse Operator
  • EHS / QSHE

Office Roles

  • Marketing Executive / Manager
  • Business Development Executive / Manager
  • Sales Coordinator 
  • Customer Services
  • Import / Export Clerk
  • Human Resources 

Logistics / SCM related positions that EPS has recently filled

Import / Export Customer Service

In addition to customer service abilities, this position requires an understanding of the import/export and warehouse receiving/shipping processes. 

We have successfully placed a candidate who is fluent in English, cultivated through studying abroad in the U.S, and has logistics-related experience at a foreign company.

Warehouse Operation Manager

This position is responsible for building operations, managing staff, and joint projects with overseas offices. 

We sourced a candidate who studied overseas and worked in 3PL operations as a forwarder.

Cargo Claim Manager

This position requires customer service abilities and working closely with the client’s global teams. 

We sourced a bilingual Japanese candidate with experience working for a shipping agency.

Process of EPS's Recruitment Services


Contact Us

Please let us know your hiring needs through our contact form. Our consultant will be in touch with you.


Initial Meeting

Our recruitment consultant will hear your hiring needs and position details through a video call.



Discussion on terms and conditions of our recruitment services.


Candidate Sourcing

We source suitable candidates based on your hiring needs provided during "step 2". 


Selection Process

We arrange selection process based on your company's recruitment process (resume screenings, interviews, assessment test, etc.)



Once you have decided to offer to our candidate, we will assist you in the candidate's on-boarding process.