Remote Staffing Service in Japan


We support the service of recruiting domestic and overseas employees.


Remote staffing refers to the hiring of employees by a company and the employee has the flexibility to work outside of the traditional office. In Japan, it has become more common for business enterprises to practice the habit of hiring remote workers. These remote workers can work at co-working spaces, and café or live in other countries. Companies are beginning to learn that having employees work long hours in the office is unessential, the productivity of employees improves when the comfort of workers is accentuated. Furthermore, hiring remote workers will benefit the company with talent pool expansion as well as diversified skills.


Japan is a country that is well-known for its innovation and technology. Due to globalization, many companies are sourcing overseas talents. To avoid spending huge amount of capital to hire foreign talents, remote staffing can reduce costs and also bring about more benefits for companies in their hiring processes.

Reduces Business Costs

In Japan, more businesses are empowering their workers to engage in remote work as it benefits both the company and employees to save a significant amount of money. Businesses can save the hassle of leasing an office space, furniture, and utilities to keep the office operating.

Access to bigger talent pools

The hiring of workers who needs to commute to work may not be beneficial to the company as it is restricting the company from reaching out to a better talent pool. However, hiring remote workers provides companies with access to hire the very best talent across the globe without the limitation of proximity or geography. When businesses hire employees from diverse backgrounds, it can help bring in a fresh perspective to bring about better innovation and success.

Employee Benefit

Remote working allows the employees to have more flexibility in selecting the environment they prefer to work in. Working from home provides employees to pursue more time for interests and hobbies which promotes the well-being of the employees. The majority of employees would stay loyal to their employers if companies have flexible work options to achieve better work-life balance.


Domestic Recruitment

With our experienced consultants in EPS Japan, we are capable of sourcing and deploying suitable candidates and ensure these candidates are great fit for the position. Since Japan is a huge country, the candidates we provide can come from different regions of Japan. This is beneficial as candidates can work from their preferred location and still be able to achieve the same amount of productivity and efficiency.

Overseas Recruitment

With EPS Japan’s huge database, we can source and provide candidates from all around the globe. Whether you are a multinational organization or have a lack of budget and resources, the opportunity for engaging with our remote staffing service can be an appealing factor. By engaging with EPS Japan, you can save the time and cost of the hiring process.


Submission of Job Description

We take a look at details of hiring positions so that we can advise our clients of our capability for the requested position.

Understanding of the position details

Our executive search specialists will discuss with our clients to have deep understanding of the requested position.

Internal Discussion

We organize an internal team discussion for every member of sourcing team to fully understand your hiring needs and position details.

Candidate Sourcing

With our candidate sourcing techniques, we identify and profile suitable talents.

Interview Arrangement

We assist in arranging your selection process, which includes online and/or face to face interviews and assessment test.

Arrangement for Employment

We assist in employment process to ensure the offered candidate get on board without any issues.