Bilingual Recruitment Solution in Japan

Background of Bilingual Recruitment solution in Japan

Recently, the need of recruiting bilingual candidates is increasing in Japan, but still, the number of bilingual candidates is not enough. Bilingual recruitment is difficult in Japan as more companies are competing for high skilled talents. In today's world of technological advances, more and more companies are having business across borders. As this globalization progresses, the demand for recruiting bilingual candidates who can do business that transcends language barriers also increase. In this situation, EPS supports companies who are looking for bilingual and multilingual recruitment in Japan to proceed with the business.

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Why bilingual recruitment is an important hiring strategy in Japan?

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Bilingual talents who can quickly catch global information will play an important role for companies to survive in the international society. Being able to speak multiple languages, bilingual talents are often expected to serve as a bridge in international business. Bilingual recruitment is one of the keys for the company to conduct successful business globally. Bilingual talents are not only required to uphold language skills but are also required to understand different cultures. Some Japanese company has unique corporate culture such as seniority, loyalty, and strict business manner which US, European, and other countries do not have much. To have business overseas requires understanding the culture and their playing field. Our bilingual recruitment solutions will support finding suitable talents who understand Japanese culture and plays an important role to connect to your company.

Benefits of Bilingual Recruitment solution

EPS is a professional bilingual recruitment agency in Japan sourcing bilingual talents to our clients for more than 25 years. We are different from other bilingual recruitment agencies as our experienced recruitment consultants come from a variety of fields, and with their experience and knowledge, we will introduce the best bilingual talents to your organization. In addition to having extensive industry knowledge, our search consultants are also well versed in different languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and German. Most of our consultants are bilingual so we understand bilingual recruitment problems and solutions which you may concern.

Headcount & Work Pass limit

Experienced Consultants

Over the years, our search consultants have built up their own professional and personal contacts in the specific industries which they specialize and operate in. They are able to harness their network of contacts to support recruiting bilingual candidates.

Software Development & Mobile Apps Developments

Internal Candidate Database

We constantly stay engaged with active and qualified candidates to update resumes into our internal database with a database built over two & a half decades. As our database is always updated among all offices in Southeast Asia, we can offer you a variety of bilingual talents that fits your needs.


Regional Team

Over the years, our search consultants have built up their own professional and personal contacts in the specific industries which they specialize and operate in. They are able to harness their network of contacts to select or be introduced to suitable candidates. 

Process of Bilingual Recruitment solution

Submission of Job Description

We take a look at details of hiring positions so that we can advise our clients of our capability for the requested position.

Understanding of the position details

Our recruitment specialists will discuss with our clients to have deep understanding of the requested position.

Internal Discussion

We organize an internal team discussion for every member of sourcing team to fully understand your hiring needs and position details.

Candidate Sourcing

With our candidate sourcing techniques, we identify and profile suitable talents.

Interview Arrangement

We assist in arranging your selection process, which includes online and/or face to face interviews and assessment test.

Arrangement for Employment

We assist in employment process to ensure the offered candidate get on board without any issues.