Commonly, people tend to have the perception that multilingual talents are mainly used for translation agencies or services. With more businesses expanding overseas, multilingual talents become an essential part of the business. These talents can provide a more efficient customer service as well as communication. We will explore the various reasons why multilingual recruitment is important and how it can be beneficial for businesses.

Importance of Multilingual Recruitment

Demand for multilingual workforce

Due to globalization, there is a rise in demand for multilingual workforce. Multilingual recruitment can introduce candidates who can speak more than one language which is beneficial to businesses. Multilingual talents are needed to fulfil certain aspects in which non-multilingual employees are unable to provide. With more companies integrating multilingual recruitment into their workforce, it is inevitable for competitors to also start hiring multilingual talents to remain competitive.

Easier to secure international clients

Businesses who are considering to venture overseas, recruiting multilingual talents can be extremely valuable. These talents understand how communication barrier can happen when different languages communicate with each other. When handling foreign clients, these talents can communicate with them more efficiently as compared to non-multilingual employees. Hence, businesses are able to secure international clients easily as the process of liaising can be completed quickly.

Benefits of Multilingual Recruitment for your business

As an employer of a company, incorporating multilingual recruitment into your business has become an important factor to achieve success. The English language is commonly used around the globe, however since more businesses are expanding globally, foreign languages play a vital role in fostering a relationship.

Recruiting candidates who are multilingual can be used as a competitive advantage for businesses who wants to venture overseas or locally. Businesses should start to invest in these multilingual candidates as they can provide new opportunities as well as additional useful information to improve the current business.

Here are some examples of how multilingual recruitment can benefit your business:

Improve communication barrier

Due to the limitation of language in the company, when it comes to communicating with clients or customers overseas often it may cause misunderstanding and misinterpretation. As a result, there is a communication barrier.

Whereas multilingual employees can be of great support in this area. Employees with multilingual capabilities can understand and convey certain important information and ideas to clients easily. Besides, these talents can quickly identify problems and concerns given by the clients. Consequently, agreements can be confirmed and secured efficiently. Thus, multilingual employees can provide a more holistic communication process.

Holistic interactions

Multilingual talents have more confidence in liaising with clients or customers who can speak their language. As a matter of fact, a closer relationship can be built when both parties communicate with the same language. Activities such as phone calls, chatbots or video conferences can be done more efficiently with the support of these multilingual talents. Likewise, these multilingual talents are flexible in the sense that they can switch between different languages. Thus, with multilingual talents they can create a more familiar and comfortable environment when communicating with clients or customers.

Enhance diversity

Multilingual employees can be helpful for businesses when reaching out to clients and consumers globally. Businesses that see the value of diversity are able to gain a competitive advantage. Without diversity, a homogeneous workforce will most likely experience a narrow skillset. Whereas with multilingual talents since they have been exposed to different environments which can provide innovative perspectives as well as new solutions. Thus, allows businesses to achieve breakthroughs such as creating new products or services.

Furthermore, when the company see the value of differences and promotes inclusivity in the workforce, it is easier to attract more talents. By recruiting multilingual talents, the business has already gained a competitive advantage in the market.


Companies who set up businesses overseas often need to spend extra expenses to hire a translator. Recruiting multilingual talents can provide cost savings for businesses. Multilingual employees have the ability to communicate with clients and consumers internationally. When submitting documents to overseas clients, they can check and make changes to ensure that the contents in the documents are accurate.

Additionally, they can also attend or represent the company for overseas meetings and conferences to achieve a higher chance of securing more clients as well as potential customers. Hence, multilingual employees can provide businesses with cost savings.

Tips for recruiting multilingual talents

Utilizing social media platforms

Posting job advertisements on usual job portals might not be able to reach out to these talents as it is a niche area in the market. Utilizing social media to source for multilingual talents can have a higher chance of recruiting these talents. When it comes to advertising either it is for a product, service or job posts it is vital to understand the target audience segmentation. Certain social media platforms are used frequently in some countries. For instance, Instagram is widely used in Singapore as compared to other countries. Therefore, when advertising job posts it is important to select and use the right platforms to reach the target audience.

Create and design language assessment

Language proficiency can be difficult to gauge using only communication. Creating an assessment dedicated to language testing can be utilized as a tool to gauge the reading, understanding and writing skills of the candidates. An assessment is also a fair and unbiased tool to select the right candidates.

Reach out to multilingual recruitment agencies

Multilingual recruitment agencies are professional and specialized in hiring multilingual talents. These agencies already have their own multilingual talent pool that can meet the clients’ needs. Whether the business is finding for a contract, permanent or temporary positions, these consultants can provide the most suitable candidates.

Moreover, these agencies also handle the various administration and interviews needed to get the candidate on board and businesses can focus on their core functions. Hence, engaging with multilingual recruitment agencies can help to streamline the hiring process.

EPS Japan Multilingual Recruitment Service

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