While Japan becomes increasingly globalised, domestic companies are starting to integrate bilingual recruitment as an effective strategy to achieve success for overseas businesses. These bilingual talents are mainly Japanese as well as foreigners that can speak English fluently. Due to Japans shortage of labour, bilingual talents can be beneficial to ensure the economy remains competitive and with the language capabilities they can liaise with overseas clients.

Businesses need bilingual talents to fill various levels of positions and these positions are not only meant for translation services. Employers are searching for bilingual talents to work in different sectors mainly: customer service, sales, healthcare and IT. These talents are able to converse with both Japanese and English customers or clients which can provide better engagement for businesses. Besides, multilingual talents also provides various benefits for businesses.

We are aware of how bilingual talents is beneficial for businesses, there are also advantages of being bilingual in the workforce


Surge in bilingual recruitment for most industries in Japan

Over the years, the Japan government has opened up more job opportunities and new positions for bilinguals as well as foreigners. Industries in Japan such as hotels, restaurants and IT sectors are actively sourcing for bilingual talents. These industries are frequently visited by foreigners which include tourists and businessman. To ensure satisfactory customer service, an increased of bilingual recruitment needs to be implemented to achieve better engagement and relationships.

In the case of IT sectors in Japan, people with technical and people skills are no longer sufficient to stay competitive in the global market. To provide optimal IT support and services, it is essential for companies to recruit IT professionals who are bilinguals. Thereby, for bilingual talents who are looking to pursue a career in Japan, there will be countless opportunities waiting for you.

Bilingual recruitment provides new job opportunities

As a bilingual talent, the ability to be able to speak a second language unfolds new job opportunities for people seeking to work outside of Japan. Being able to read, write and converse in two languages provide these talents with a competitive advantage over the other candidates who are non bilinguals. Most of the companies in Japan have international offices and they would want to recruit flexible employees who can navigate between different languages.

Besides, the current market in Japan might not be able to provide various roles or progression. Hence, there will be an increase in bilingual recruitment in Japan and foreigners can expect new job opportunities and benefits.

Bilingual talents can experience different cultures

Understanding a second language is also a journey to understand different cultures. For instance, the work culture of Japan is known to be needlessly hierarchical, slow decision-making and flexible working is rare. Whereas, the work culture of Australia tend to be more flexible and strive to have a work-life balance. Understanding different cultures can bring forth new experiences and reduce misunderstandings. Moreover, being exposed to different cultures allows greater understanding and appreciation to people who are coming from different backgrounds. Therefore, accessing to different cultures can provide a better understanding of different behaviours which can be helpful when dealing with customers or clients.

Cultivate creative thinking for bilingual talents

In Japan, innovation and technology are seen as the core strengths of the country. Companies in Japan mainly tech companies are actively sourcing for candidates who are creative in coming out with new solutions or systems. Bilingualism provides people with a wider range of experiences from communicating with people from different backgrounds. As a result, when it comes to solving problems bilinguals talents are seen to be more creative and versatile. Furthermore, with the constant practice of switching in between two languages, this can aid bilingual talents do better at tasks that require multitasking.

Provides better social connection for bilingual talents

The ability to speak a second language allows these talents to interact with different people and understand the different types of culture.  Subsequently, there will be more opportunities to gain new friends, clients and interests. Commonly, a relationship is built easily when both parties can communicate using the same language. This is due to a sense of familiarity and understanding which lessen any miscommunication. Likewise, bilingualism also made travelling more convenient and thriftier. For instance, speaking the countrys native language can provide you with more deals and  recommendations. Thus, bilingualism can provide more opportunities to meet people, learn about the different culture as well as engaging in more conversations.

Bilingual recruitment provides higher wages

Often companies are more willing to put in an additional payment to recruit bilingual talents. Various statistics show that businesses are recruiting more bilinguals as compared to non-bilinguals. Given that businesses are receiving enquiries from customers and clients globally, they need bilingual employees to assist and support various activities which non-bilinguals are not able to provide due to the language barrier. With bilingual recruitment, it is able to provide benefits for companies as well as candidates. Engaging with people became much easier and efficient, as a result, there will be more businesses, better customer service as well as satisfaction.

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