Organisations and recruitment agencies utilise recruitment channels to source candidates. The candidates can be source ranging from job portals to any digital marketing platforms or tools to attract and recruit candidates. There are common recruitment methods that are frequently used and to better reach out to passive candidates effectively there are new recruitment methods.

Common Recruitment Methods

Common recruitment methods are widely used by organisations and recruitment firms or agencies over the past decades. This method includes activities such as newspaper advertisements, word of mouth, job portals, recruitment agencies and career fairs. Usually, these methods are targeted towards candidates who are actively seeking new job opportunities or vacancies.

Newspaper and Magazines Job Advertisement

In Japan, the most commonly read and purchased newspaper is “Japan Times”. The job vacancies are advertised in Japan Times mainly using both Japanese and English to target both local and bilingual talents. Likewise, there are also different types of magazines in Japan such as “Japanzine”.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth recruiting is one of the most common and widely used effective recruitment channels. The employees of the company or clients who have successful partnership will refer to people in their social circle. This in turn will help to promote brand awareness as well as the benefits of working or partnering with that particular company.

Job portals

The most common and obvious source of the candidate is job portals. Companies or recruitment firms will post their job vacancies in these portals and candidates can apply. In Japan, several job portals are widely used by fresh graduates and mid-career candidates. Job portals such as “Rikun Navi” and “My Navi” are mainly used by the fresh graduates for job search whereas mid-career candidates use “End Japan”, “Rikun Navi Next” and “Doda”. Furthermore, “CareerCross”, “Daijob” and “GaijinPot Jobs” is mainly browsed and used by English speakers or foreigners in Japan.

Recruitment agencies

Besides, using job portals to source and apply for suitable job positions, candidates also rely on recruitment agencies to support and aid in the job-hunting process. The benefit of engaging with recruitment agencies is that they are specialised and trained to source for the best candidates.
Furthermore, there are various services which recruitment agencies provide such as General Recruitment, Contract & Temporary Recruitment, Executive Recruitment. Businesses that are considering engaging with recruitment agencies may want to source for a recruitment agency that specializes in your field as compared to a general recruitment agency. For instance, if you are an IT company, you should approach a recruitment agency that specializes in recruiting IT talents as they can provide candidates which best suits your company.

Career fair

The career fair is one of the fastest channels to recruit candidates. Usually, it is held in schools, as an event, or online. There will be many companies and job seekers who are trying to source for the career or candidates that best suits them. It is an efficient channel as interviews, hiring and securing a job can be all done right at the same time.
To ensure that companies or candidates can promote themselves successfully, it takes time and effort to plan.


In Japan, companies often hire fresh graduates or under-graduates for intern positions. This is a temporary position to offer students a chance to put what they learn into action, in a real working environment. In addition, companies are also very accepting and open to convert and offer these students permanent positions when they have completed their studies.

Latest Recruitment Methods

With the advancement of technology, there has been a shift to the recruitment methods used by organisations. Organisations and recruitment agencies are now are shifting towards “Social Recruiting”. Social recruiting is when organisations utilize social media to source and recruit candidates. Social recruiting the process of how businesses recruit candidates through using various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Furthermore, the recruitment market in Japan generally consists of passive candidates who are not actively seeking new job opportunity and sometimes it might be challenging to attract and recruit these candidates. With social recruiting, it is easier to appeal and reach out to these passive candidates.


In Japan, Line is the most popular social media platforms. According to Statista 2020, the LINE messaging app audience reach is estimated to be 84 million monthly active users in Japan. The app was known to be popular among the Japanese due to the design customization as well as different usability for personal as well as business. Organisations and recruitment agencies can take this advantage to advertise their opening positions in the app to have a higher chance of securing candidates.


The second most used social media platform in Japan is Facebook. According to Statista 2020, Facebook audience reach is estimated to be 21.5 million monthly active users. Commonly, the platform is used by people who are in their twenties and thirties as compared to other age groups in Japan. Organisations and recruitment agencies that are sourcing for fresh graduates or millennials can utilise this platform.


According to Statista 2021, it is estimated that there will be 25.7 million monthly active Twitter users in Japan. It is commonly used by the Japanese as users can remain anonymous on the platform and they can input more characters to convey their message. Attributable to the anonymity of the users it encourages them to be more active on Twitter. Organisations and recruitment agencies can consider posting their job advertisements on this platform to gain a wider reach audience of candidates.


Although LinkedIn is not frequently used by the Japanese, it is still quite common for English speakers or foreigners to use LinkedIn in Japan. LinkedIn is an online platform that is known for professionals to network and connects. Companies who are considering hiring foreigners or bilinguals in Japan can utilise this platform to source for potential candidates.


In summary, there are various common and latest recruitment methods used by different organisations and recruitment agencies to source for potential candidates. With the advent of technology, organisations can practice social recruiting to source and reach out to passive candidates as well as gaining a wider reach audience.

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