Recruiting a candidate has been a seamless process given the advancement of technology in the recent years. Candidates are selected based on their past experiences, technical skills, and most importantly, location. Remote hiring is a great way for companies to utilize forming an amazing team internationally, without having your company be physically all over the world. You can acquire talent from all over, who will work from home and contribute online. It is natural to be curious about the good and the bad of what this may bring, and we are here to help break it down.  

What is Remote Hiring?

We must find what remote hiring is: it is the ability to formulate a team or company with its members located internationally because remote hiring does not have the borders that normal localized hiring does. Even though remote hiring has existed before the COVID-19 pandemic, it has truly come into its own form as countries and companies alike have transitioned into either a full time or a hybrid work-from-home system.

Benefits of Remote Staffing

Location Is No Longer Limited

Companies are not limited by geographical barriers. They can cast a much wider net into searching for candidates internationally to exactly fit the criteria that they are searching for.

This allows your company to be out of internal talent wars within countries. Simply put, there will be more potential talents for your roles. A bigger candidate pool means a greater chance of finding exactly who you are looking for. 

Lower Costs

One of the most important upsides, from a financial perspective, of remote hiring is that costs are significantly reduced. There is no overhead for office rentals, desks, chairs or facilities for employees as they are remote hires and therefore, on a full work from home basis.

Strengthen Operations Under Emergency Conditions

In the event of an emerge such as a natural disaster, personal injury, terrorist attack, or infectious disease that makes it difficult to continue business, having remote workers who work outside the office will allow for a minimum level of business continuity even in times of emergency. Remote work has been greatly promoted in the past after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Even in emergencies, it is possible to continue essential work remotely and minimize the loss of business profits.

Corporate Branding

Branding your company as a remote working company to other companies and consumers. It will broaden the scope of hiring personnel who want to work remotely in the future during the life stages of childbirth and child rearing. Also, if employees who are raising children, caring for family members, or recovering from illness can continue to work remotely, it will help prevent talented people from leaving the company. 

Setbacks of Remote Staffing

Establishing A Relationship with Employees Can Be Challenging

One of the main drawbacks of remote hiring is that it may only work for specific roles within a company. Some positions require home-ground knowledge as well as constant contact with local establishments to maintain business relationships, or employees may require specialized tools to fulfill their tasks. Continuing with the theme of in-person contact, some roles and teams require constant communication and that can be limited through a remote work from home situation. Managing people is also another intrinsic challenge to remote hiring. Constant check ins between manager and employee are not as fluid as a local job position; this could lead to a lack of team bonding.

Security Management

Wi-Fi networks at home often have inadequate security measures compared to businesses. In particular, public wireless LANs (free Wi-Fi) also do not have sufficient encryption and require caution.

Quality Control

As mentioned above, training of employees becomes more difficult, and the quality of deliverables and services may decline. This is especially important if you have customer support-related positions overseas, as it is related to customer satisfaction.  

EPS’s Remote Staffing Solutions

Keeping the advantages and disadvantages in mind, EPS will benefit both your company and your future potential candidate. At EPS, we can find the top match for what you and your company are looking for from around the world with remote hiring. EPS will assist you in bringing the best talent while maneuvering through the challenges. We at EPS dedicate ourselves into finding the best match between company and candidate; This is what we do best. 

EPS' Staffing Solutions

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