EPS' Staffing Services in Japan


EPS Japan has an established track record of providing staffing services for a wide clientele. We understand our client’s staffing needs intimately, and this is the reason why our teams of staffing consultants and professionals are at hand to provide our full suite of staffing services.

EPS' Staffing Services in Japan

We find the best people for your business with our experienced team of recruitment consultants and we provide almost all of the corporate staffing services.

We deliver quality service in helping companies recruit top executive talents in C-level, Vice-President, Country Manager, Director General Manager and other Managerial levels.

Contract Employee means the provision of temporary staffing services on a short-term basis, up to a few years and usually with a contract that is renewable on a case-by-case basis. 

Our team of highly qualified and experienced consultants are committed to provide suitable talents from all around the globe who can work in remote arrangements.

International and Global Professionals

EPS consultants specialize in recruiting local and global talents. We understand that the process of hiring overseas employees can be complex and daunting. However, with our experience and highly skilled consultants, we ensure that the process of hiring global talents is smooth and efficient.

Our consultants spent years in the recruitment industry, they have built up their own professional and personal contacts in the industries they specialize in. Additionally, they can speak different languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and German. Besides, the hiring of bilingual and multilingual employee has become more common and popular. 

The demand for people who speak multiple languages has also increased over the past few years. With EPS regional offices, our multinational consultants have an extensive internal database from all around the world and are capable of providing bilingual and multilingual candidates easily.

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