There are many recruitment solutions available in Japan, however many of the solutions sometimes overlap in definitions. Understanding those key differences in each recruitment will provide employees with better knowledge of finding your career in the HR industry.

Executive Search and Headhunting are the two most misinterpret recruitment terms. In this article, a comparison is done to get a clearer view of the differences.

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Executive Search vs Headhunting

The terms “Executive Search” and “Headhunting” are always used interchangeably. This is because these two solutions are both used for recruiting similar types of candidates, however, there are some clear differences in the definitions.

Definitions of Executive Search

  • The candidates level are at senior-level such as Board Member, Direct General Manager, Vice-President.
  • The candidates status are active and passive. While active candidates are reaching out to their professional networks by themselves and sending resumes for job openings, passive candidates are currently employed and not seeking new opportunities.
  • Use any way to search candidates such as job posting, private connection, job portal etc.

Definitions of Headhunting

  • The candidates level are at any level such as middle to senior level.
  • The candidates status are passive and currently employed. These people are currently working in the company has well-developed knowledge and skills which may apply on comp.
  • Headhunting request is mainly confidential as such senior positions are important in the company and usually privates cold-calls, private connections are done to recruit them.

EPS' Executive Search Service

EPS has been in the business of sourcing human talents for our clients for decades. Our team of experienced executive search consultants is trained in Executive Search and well-versed in all aspects of staff management to carry out the search activities in a professional and discreet manner as the candidates are generally holding senior-level appointments.

We can undertake search assignments covering positions that range from professional and managerial grade staff all the way to C-suite personnel. We follow a set of proven and best-in-class service processes to ensure robustness and consistency in the delivery of our services. This also helps to ensure that the Executive Talents are well taken care of.

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