Japan is one of the most developed markets in the world. Over the years, Japan has created new technologies and infrastructure that surpasses its competitors around the world. With their expertise and technology, they can produce products that are of top-notch quality as well as efficiency. Although Japan faced an ageing population as one of their challenges, they are still able to demonstrate growth in innovation.

While the IT industry continues to develop, it has created several new job opportunities for people in Japan. In Japan, companies are continually sourcing for candidates with exceptional knowledge and expertise in the IT industry. Additionally, companies are also looking out for candidates who are bilinguals. Considering Japan is predicted to face an increasing shortage of employees in the IT industry due to limited talent pool of bilinguals professionals, as a result, IT recruitment and staffing agencies will face difficulties in sourcing for candidates.

To conquer the challenges in shortage of talents, businesses can engage with recruitment agencies that specialise in the IT industry. These agencies have their own network and referrals which can be beneficial for businesses who are looking for specialised talents. Subsequently, businesses can gain a competitive advantage by having a higher chance of securing IT talents.

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IT recruitment industry hiring challenges

Due to Japan’s ageing population, employers in Japan are facing the issue of finding candidates who are well-versed in the IT industry. Tech companies are also faced with the challenge of retaining employees as well as keeping them up-to-date new skills that have evolved. Taking into the account of skills evolving rapidly, businesses should consider providing training and development courses for current employees.

Over the years, the Japan government understands the difficulties of these companies to recruit IT talents thus they are more open and acceptive towards welcoming foreign talents. As a result, these foreign talents can ease the IT talent shortage in Japan. On the other hand, engaging with specialised recruitment agencies can be beneficial as it allows businesses to focus on their core functions while these agencies help to streamline the hiring process.


In the view of the tech skills evolving rapidly, Tech companies are struggling to source and recruit qualified talents. The Japanese government has already lightened some measures for foreigners who are venturing to Japan to start working. This is to attract and ensure that foreigners can easily apply the various documents and procedures as well as attaining permanent residency to work for long-term in Japan. Correspondingly, Japan’s IT industry can remain competitive with the aid of foreign talents.

However, attracting foreign talents is not sufficient to ensure the sustainability of the industry. With the IT industry constantly evolving, there will be new skills required for fulfilling certain aspects of the job scope. Therefore, with the limited tech talent pool in Japan businesses need to create new strategies and approach to attract the niche talent market for IT recruitment.


Besides facing the challenge of attracting tech talent in Japan, securing candidates is another challenge for companies. Finding tech talents can be tough if companies are only utilising the usual way of posting job advertisements on job portals. In Japan, job advertisements can be quite ineffective particularly if it cannot be translated to Japanese. This is due to the limitation of language in Japan where most of the Japanese are not bilinguals.

Businesses who are looking to hire tech talents in Japan, need to strengthen their approach and strategies to attract these talents. For instance, businesses can utilise various social media platforms to attract these talents. Social media is seen to be more effective than job portals as it can have a better reach to these talents. Hence, companies in Japan need to put in an extra ounce of effort to further improve its recruitment approach.



Usually, Tech companies will tend to source and recruit candidates in-house. This is due to the belief that they are more knowledgeable in the IT industry. Despite that, with the shortage of tech talents, recruiting tech talents can be quite challenging as these tech companies have limited access to candidates database.

Alternatively, engaging with specialised recruitment agencies can benefit companies to have a competitive advantage. These consultants have their own database of IT talents gathered throughout their commitment working in the HR industry. EPS Japan is one of the leading recruitment agency that specialises in the IT industry. We pride ourselves on being comprehensive, holistic and extensive. By engaging with EPS Japan, companies can achieve a wider talent pool to achieve better success.


As a recruitment agency who specialises in the IT sector, EPS Japan’s team comprises a synergetic mix of experts who are experienced and well-versed in the business and technology sectors. EPS Japan consultants understand the challenges of sourcing for suitable IT talents and thus, we place our focus on finding IT talents that are both passionate and qualified about their career field. With our elite talent database, we are able to profile the most qualified IT professionals for your company.

Additionally, EPS Japan consultants understand the importance of selecting IT talents who are proficient in IT as well as possessing good leadership skills. Our consultants aim is to work with clients to address the requirements, new strategic and operational skills required by technological advance. Thus, EPS Japan can assure to provide clients with candidates who are well-versed in technology as well as leadership capabilities.

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