Over the years, Japan has been experiencing talent wars. Many successful companies are employing the best possible talent to help them succeed in the Japanese competitive market. Due to Japan’s ageing population, companies are sourcing for foreign talents to ensure that there is a continual growth in Japan’s economic development. Foreign talents sourcing for jobs in Japanese competitive market can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Engaging with employment agency might be a good alternative as these employment agencies are well-versed in selecting the most suitable job scope for foreign talents. EPS Japan, an employment agency, assists our clients as well as candidates in finding the right job that fits your skills, experience as well as achieving your career.


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What is Employment Agency

An employment agency is a business firm that supports a hiring company to find the best-qualified candidate or help the candidate to get the most suitable job. These agencies connect employers of the company and potential candidates. The employment agency benefits the companies reduce the time and effort spend on sourcing for the right candidates. Additionally, these agencies can offer suitable candidates in a shorter period so that company can focus on other important goals. The candidates can also benefit as these consultants have an extensive network to send out their application to different positions and companies.

Most importantly, it is necessary to apply for an employment agency license governed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to start an employment business. It confirms that the agency has completed all the processes and certifications required to apply for a proven employment agency.

Benefits of using Employment Agency in Japan

Employment agencies are operated by recruitment professionals who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and toolsets to help source, identify and recommend suitable candidates to their client promptly. The recruitment specialists are also well-versed in more specialized positions due to their in-depth knowledge and experience in recruiting such people. Therefore, when you engage the service of an experienced recruitment consultant, you can expect to receive resumes of qualified candidates more promptly, and also be assured of the good quality of the candidates. All these will translate to faster hiring turnaround time while also ensuring a good candidate match to the specified job specification.


Due to the employment market progressing quickly and great talents often have multiple offers, it is crucial to deliver results promptly. The hiring process will be more time-consuming as the roles involve high technical skills and global experience. In-house recruiters need to spend extra time to find the required skilled talents. Our team of employment advisors supports your employment process to reduce your time such as sifting through thousands of applicants, screening all CVs, and schedule interviews with all candidates. EPS has an extensive candidate database and connections to search for the right fit candidates. EPS provides companies with efficient employment to allow firms to welcome their ideal candidate quickly.

Recruitment Market Knowledge

Employment agencies have knowledge of not only hiring talents but also keeping up-to-date with recruitment regulations settled by the Ministry. These regulations about recruitment such as VISA, work-pass, and hiring needs to be obeyed in rigid. With the knowledge and expertise of the recruiters, they can support companies with these regulations. Developing a relationship with these specialist consultants will make the job as a hiring manager easier as these experts can provide relevant requirements and legalities applicably. Our advisors will work with clients closely who have recruitment problems and understand all aspects of clients’ requirements to introduce the perfect candidate as dictated by the law.

Hire highly qualified candidates

Another reason to use employment agencies is that they are more capable of hiring a qualified candidate than in-house recruiters. The main advantage of using an employment agency is that most of them are specialized in certain industries or functions, which means they already have a pool of highly skilled candidates at their disposal. Besides, employment agencies recruit every day to build up connections for living, which means that they have expertise not only in finding great candidates but also making sure that these candidates are indeed a great fit for a certain position.

How to choose the right employment agency?

Prepare the requirements needed for job positions beforehand

Before contacting an employment agency, it is vital for businesses to prepare the job description before contacting an employment agency. This is to ensure that the job requirements needed for the particular job positions are met. As a result, communication between businesses and agencies can be conducted without any doubts and misunderstandings. Hence, the employment agency can recruit the right candidate that fits the job position.

Decide on which agency to engage with

Agency specialised in specific industry

Businesses sourcing for candidates with the same positions can engage with a specialised employment agency. A specialised employment agency has the expertise and skillsets to source candidates who can excel in your business. For instance, an employment agency specialising in the IT industry can provide candidates who possess up-to-date technical skills as well as experiences. These agencies have a specialised database and can provide candidates that are of the most suitable fit for that specific industry. Therefore, engaging with specialised employment agency not only provides qualified candidates but also speeds up the hiring process.

One-stop employment agency

Businesses sourcing for several candidates with different positions can collaborate with a one-stop employment agency to foster a long-term relationship. A one-stop employment agency allows businesses to hire several positions under one contract. These agencies can provide an extensive range of services as they have dedicated departments specialising in different industries. Some of these agencies can also source for foreign talents due to their global office presence.  Additionally, businesses can avoid the hassle of having a contract with multiple agencies and spent more time on business core functions. This can aid businesses in reducing costs as the HR department can streamline their hiring process effectively. Hence, collaborating with employment agencies can provide various benefits for businesses.

Keep a lookout for employment agency’s updates

These employment agencies have up-to-date knowledge of the latest recruitment market trends, announcements from Labour Standards Bureau such as the recent COVID-19 information and other announcements. Thus, keeping on track with these employment agencies can provide businesses with useful information that can be beneficial.

EPS Japan, Trusted Employment agency

EPS Japan is a licensed employment agency in Japan supporting your recruitment activities. We are part of the EPS group, headquartered in Singapore over years of a major force in recruitment as HR partner. Since our establishment in 1993, the EPS group had grown rapidly to be among one of the leading employment agencies in South East Asia.

EPS Japan understands what it takes to be the best recruiter in Japan. It requires a deep knowledge of hiring expectations in a wide range. Besides recruitment service, we provide executive search & selection, bilingual recruitment, and contract staffing.

At EPS Group, our goal is to meet the client’s goal. In the recent employment market, it is highly competitive and sourcing qualified candidates may be effortful. We try our best to offer cost-effective, and the best solution exclusively catered to your hiring needs.

Benefits of engaging with EPS Japan

Bilingual professional recruitment staff

EPS Japan consultants are bilingual who can converse in both English and Japanese. There are a variety of backgrounds as a recruiter such as a translator, marketer, writer, business development and others. Our bilingual professionals can connect with any multinational companies with global candidates.

Japanese employment Market knowledge

Companies who are just entering Japan may not have the resources available to start scouting job seekers in Japan, especially when it comes to passive job seekers. However, EPS Japan as an employment agency has wider connections with candidates who are potentially finding a job. Our advisors will work with clients having recruitment problems in Japan to understand all aspects of your clients’ requirements and culture to introduce the most suitable candidates.

Besides, EPS utilizes our decades of industry knowledge to connect candidates with opportunities that match their skills and career ambitions. EPS also strives to ensure candidates are well-prepared candidates for any opportunity, by providing them with resume proofing and job interview tips along the way.

Wide range of talents

At EPS Japan, we are supporting global companies who are entering Japan to set up a business and having trouble with employment in Japan. Our goal is to support hiring needs for such companies in a flexible manner. We offer a variety of services such as bilingual recruitment, remote recruitment, contract staffing, executive recruitment, and foreign staff recruitment to fulfil clients’ needs. 

EPS Japan' employment services

EPS provides professional recruitment & staffing solutions to our clients in Japan. Our experienced recruitment consultants have come from a variety of fields, and with their experience and knowledge, we will introduce the best talents for your organization. With the ever-growing need for professional and talented employees, we offer a one-stop service to meet all of our clients’ staffing needs across all industry sectors.

Executive search is crucial in the competitive landscape of Japan. Japanese managerial people tend to work longer for their companies and they have extensive experiences in working for not only one division but other divisions. So it is difficult to find an executive candidate in Japan as it is not common to change jobs as compared to Europe or the US. By engaging with an executive search firm that has market insights can help expedite the executive search and placement process.

Bilingual Recruitment Service

EPS Japan is a professional bilingual employment agency in Japan sourcing bilingual talents to our clients. We are different from other bilingual recruitment agencies as our experienced recruitment consultants come from a variety of fields, and with their experience and knowledge, we will introduce the best bilingual talents to your organization.

Contract staffing has become very popular as a form of flexible employment arrangement in Japan. Many companies employ long-term and sometimes short-term contract staff to undertake a variety of projects and assignments. EPS offers General Contract Staffing and Short Contract Staffing. General Contract Staffing means the provision of temporary staffing services on a short-term basis, up to a few years and usually with a contract that is renewable on a case-by-case basis. Short Contract Staffing means it is based on a short-term basis, usually less than 3 months.

With the improvement of Internet technology and globalisation, the opportunities for remote work employees are highly in need. EPS Japan also actively focuses on introducing and dispatching remote work employees particularly highly-skilled foreign employees. We can introduce remote work talents who live in Southeast Asia, which is the centre of our business. Remote recruitment has been already adopted in many countries as it is a quick and productive recruiting method.

EPS' Staffing Solutions

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